Bugs in new iPhone OS 3

Landscape keyboard! Cut & paste! More new APIs than you can shake a developer at! Everybody’s all hot and bothered over the iPhone OS 3.0 release – but what about the numerous bugs?.
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12 Bugs We’ve Found In iPhone OS 3.0

  • Multimedia messaging does not support sculpture, macrame, or interpretive dance.
  • Voice memo recordings totally don’t sound like me. I don’t sound like that, do I? Seriously?
  • Turned on adult content filter but everybody in my videos still has their clothes on.
  • Adding a task to calendar did not result in task getting done.
  • Clicked this blue “compass” icon but kept getting some stupid web browser.
  • Still no apps to cure the nagging feeling that I should’ve bought a Palm Pre.
  • The touchscreen is now on the back of the phone instead of the front.
  • Gone to the bathroom four times already today, and Remote Wipe hasn’t worked once.
  • Spotlight search crashed with memory overload error trying to index my Harry Potter cosplay photo collection.
  • Tried out tethering, but I think I broke my finger smacking that phone around the pole.
  • Apple still hasn’t fixed the no-hardware-keyboard bug.
  • “Cut” function does not apply to monthly AT&T bill.
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    Why I like Woot

    yeah, cool stuff at great discounts is nice, but the fact that someone actually goes through the effort to write this stuff – daily – keeps my attention.

    (Note: if you’re unfamiliar with woot.com, if you visit the site after today, the deal mentioned below will have changed.)

    clipped from www.woot.com

    There’s only one gadget column on the web with the unique perspective that comes from being transported through time to discover that you can no longer control your bowels.

    And here it is. That’s right, Fjafalgnjir the Vexed is back for another installment of Ask an Incontinent Viking. When this 11th-century Danish warrior found himself in a world he never made, did he cower from the iron dragons in the sky, or flee in terror from the “sorcery” of a standard light bulb? Well, for a day or two, yeah. And the whole incontinence thing wounded his warrior’s pride. But he got up, dusted himself off, wiped himself off, and found work answering your tech questions.

    I love naught in life so well as my Mattel handheld football game, a wonder more thrilling even than the heaving teats of Gerðr. But it eats batteries the way vitterfolk devour goatling flesh.
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