You heard me, I called you an Asshole

You may have already heard about this poll. It’s making its way through the “liberal media.”

There is no doubt that  Daily Kos leans to the left. Leans, like a three-legged table with two of its legs removed.

Anyway, the poll was conducted by a third party, one that actually conducts research. It was asked of people who self-identify as Republicans. This is what they think.

It is Truly. Fucking. Scary.

Anyone who thinks Palin running for President in 2012 would be nothing more than comical farce, needs to realize that there are aparently enough lunatics out there to actually get her into office.

To wit:

QUESTION: Do you believe Sarah Palin is more qualified to be President than Barack Obama?

Yes: 53% No: 14%  Not Sure: 33%

Sarah said in her recent speech, “we need a commander-in-chief not a law professor.” Many, aparently, believe hockey mom to be sufficent qualification. A third aren’t convinced studying law is better.

QUESTION: Do you believe your state should secede from the United States?

Yes: 23% No: 58%   Not Sure: 19%

So almost a quarter of Republicans want to break away from the Union. Only half of them think it’s a bad idea. Who “hates America” again?

QUESTION: Should Congress make it easier for workers to form and join labor unions?

Yes: 7%  No: 68% Not Sure: 25%

It’s easier for me to believe that people will continue to vote against their own best interests, because those who would strip them of those interests tell them it’s a bad idea, than it is for me to believe that all Republicans (93%) are corporate stock holders, and less than one in ten of them actually labor for a living.

QUESTION: Should openly gay men and women be allowed to serve in the military?

Yes: 25% No: 55%  Not Sure: 19%

A slight, very slight margin of hope.

And then…

QUESTION: Should same sex couples be allowed to marry?

Yes: 7%  No: 77% Not Sure: 16%

Nothing new here.

QUESTION: Should gay couples receive any state or federal benefits?

Yes: 11%  No: 68% Not Sure: 21%

Like collecting pensions? Or being able to visit them in the hospital? Define “benefit.”

QUESTION: Should openly gay men and women be allowed to teach in public schools?

Yes: 8%  No: 73% Not Sure: 19%

Yeah, because only gay teachers have sex with their students… (You certainly wouldn’t want any of them teaching your kids it was OK.)

Here’s where it goes wonky:

QUESTION: Should public school students be taught that the book of Genesis in the Bible explains how God created the world?

Yes: 77% No: 15%  Not Sure: 8%

QUESTION: Should contraceptive use be outlawed?

Yes: 31% No: 56%  Not Sure: 13%

Not just locked up so teenagers will be too embarassed to ask for it—outlawed. When contraceptives are outlawed only outlaws won’t have unwanted pregnancies.

Clown car indeed

Clown car indeed

And for the ultimate hypocracy:

QUESTION: Do you consider abortion to be murder?

Yes: 76% No: 8%  Not Sure: 16%

QUESTION: Do you support the death penalty?

Yes: 91% No: 4%  Not Sure: 5%

I can’t add to that.

Oh, and in case you were wondering who’s “Not Sure:”

Not Sure

Not Sure

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