Bugs in new iPhone OS 3

Landscape keyboard! Cut & paste! More new APIs than you can shake a developer at! Everybody’s all hot and bothered over the iPhone OS 3.0 release – but what about the numerous bugs?.
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12 Bugs We’ve Found In iPhone OS 3.0

  • Multimedia messaging does not support sculpture, macrame, or interpretive dance.
  • Voice memo recordings totally don’t sound like me. I don’t sound like that, do I? Seriously?
  • Turned on adult content filter but everybody in my videos still has their clothes on.
  • Adding a task to calendar did not result in task getting done.
  • Clicked this blue “compass” icon but kept getting some stupid web browser.
  • Still no apps to cure the nagging feeling that I should’ve bought a Palm Pre.
  • The touchscreen is now on the back of the phone instead of the front.
  • Gone to the bathroom four times already today, and Remote Wipe hasn’t worked once.
  • Spotlight search crashed with memory overload error trying to index my Harry Potter cosplay photo collection.
  • Tried out tethering, but I think I broke my finger smacking that phone around the pole.
  • Apple still hasn’t fixed the no-hardware-keyboard bug.
  • “Cut” function does not apply to monthly AT&T bill.
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