Glenn Beck, Super Genius

Why do we continue to watch beck? For the same reason we continue to watch Wile E. Coyote. Both are perceived as evil (the coyote is, after all, just trying to eat), both keep coming up with more and more outlandish means to accomplish their ends, both are not taken seriously by their main adversaries (the only time the road runner even acknowledges the coyote is when he has to step out of the way), and both of them are doomed to failure.

And so we can’t turn away. They keep trying, they keep failing, and we keep watching that failure, every party wondering who among them will be the least persistent and eventually give up.

Unlike the coyote (who somehow can afford – and find for purchase – rocket skates, but not a cheeseburger), Beck wants you to watch – that’s his purpose. The more outrageous he gets, the more people go, “oh no he di’int,” and tune in.

And unlike the emaciated coyote, Beck knows where his next meal is coming from.

(via Progressives are like slave owners; and LA Times: Slavery was a liberal cause.)

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