The Most Honest Women’s Magazine Cover Ever | Adweek

This is what I used to do for a living.

(not exactly, but in a way)

The Most Honest Women’s Magazine Cover Ever | Adweek.

Honesty? Honestly...

Right twice a day

My wife is complaining about her new watch – which happens to be my watch. That it was once mine gives her license to speak disparagingly about it.

“This watch is crap.” As is everything that is or once was mine, including my new smartphone (on which I’m writing this), one of our cars and our computer. While the computer was financed jointly, as resident geek it is my duty to maintain it. So, even though she has her own login, settings, applications, etc., and even though I can usually use it without issue, when something isn’t working as well or as fast as it should, it’s crap.

The issue with my… her new watch is the date window. She says the date doesn’t advance at midnight like it should.

“Is it advancing at all?” I ask with the voice of an experienced help desk analyst.

“Yes, but it’s advancing in the middle of the day, not at midnight.”

“So you’re saying the date is advancing at noon, not at midnight?”


I had to repeat that at least once more before it started to sink in. I eventually got a “shut up” out of her, as she started to reset the watch.

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