NO War on Syria: Lot’s of War Talk Some Facts & Opinion from David Swanson

Hello Citizens Fr:  Buzz Davis, member, Veterans for Peace, 608-239-5354 cell# Washington and the media is full of war talk.  You have to THINK and avoid having your mind flipped from story to story like a burger at McDonalds. I suggest you print this off and read it with coffee and then take the actions David Swanson suggests.  His […]

Call centre brings in prison labour at £3/day, fires regular workers – Boing Boing

Again this is how US corporations will become competitive in the global labor market. Oh, and who is it that pays for the incarceration of this cheap labor? The rest of us. Call centre brings in prison labour at £3/day, fires regular workers – Boing Boing. Here’s the kicker: there used to be such things […]

“Voluntary” Work Program Run in Private Detention Centers Pays Detained Immigrants $1 a Day

Sure, now people are starting to take notice. If you thought we had made great strides in getting rid of slave labor, yes, we have. If you weren’t aware that the oligarchy has been making great strides in reinstituting it, well, that’s by design. How do you get around paying workers below minimum wage, legally? When many don’t […]

Oh, the Terror(ism)!

What follows is a reply to another blog post here. This reply was posted in the comments. ———- Should we argue semantics? Get all hung up on the “true” meanings of words? Yes. It’s why we have them. It’s why Charles Manson was a mass-murderer. Son of Sam a serial killer. Why guys who get […]

Well just pound me in the ass and call me fish

From the game description: “Private prisons have become the new growth industry.” Unfortunately, that’s true. And herein is the underlying problem. The description goes on: “You will construct and run an efficient rehabilitation facility with nothing but money on your mind.”

Air Fair 3: Return to the Ticket Counter

How was flying again? In a word: AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!! That’s not a word? How about this word: motherfucker. Technically two words, but Merriam Webster says it’s one, defining it as a “generalized term of abuse.” To give you an idea, I started writing this before most of it happened. The more I typed, it seemed the […]

Hammer time: US citizen security threatened by insecure "secure" passports

I am so taking a hammer to mine… when I eventually get around to renewing it. clipped from New US RFID passports manufactured offshore at a huge profit, transported by unsecured couriers After the computer chips are inserted into the back cover of the passports in Europe, the blank covers are shipped to a […]

Air Fair 2: Dyspeptic Bugaboo – TSA rules hard to swallow

I’m a fan of They have several ongoing threads regarding the current state of the Security Theater™ under the oppression of which we now live. Among the heart-rending stories of children being forcibly removed from planes and grandmothers being accused of paedophilia for taking pictures of empty playgrounds, are numerous stories about the malfeasance […]

Full of wit: if you can’t think straight, then the terrorists have won

Richard Pryor said: “Snakes make you run into trees. White people see a snake and go, ‘snake!’ (turns) POW! (face into outstretched hand)” Please try to remember this when (that’s right when) Bin Laden tries to get you to vote for McCain. via BoingBoing clipped from With Barack Obama so far ahead in the […]