If this is parody, it’s not very good

That the author clearly meant it in all seriousness makes it pretty fucking hysterical. On the evangelical Christian blog, christwire.org, I recently came across (if you’ll excuse the expression) this post: How to Spot a Masturbator. What the fundamentalist is wrong with these people? If I could say just one thing, it would be, “BWAH […]

Springtime for Winter (and Canada)

You know that part of The Producers (and I’m referencing the original, Zero Mostel, Gene Wilder version) when the opening sequence of “Springtime for Hitler” starts? And the audience sits there, staring, slackjawed, as the parade of grotesque stereotypes of German “culture” are paraded past? Well, that was my impression of the Olympic closing ceremonies.

What would Jesus buy?

Does Black Friday mean more to you than Good Friday? Why are we upset that a retailer doesn’t evangelize? clipped from news.yahoo.com Christian Group Launches New Attack on Christmas Commercialism “Christians get all bent out of shape over the fact that someone didn’t say ‘Merry Christmas‘ when I walked into the store. But why are […]