If Elected President, Could Romney Be Impeached? Wendy Cockcroft – Google+

At a press conference in Toledo, Bob King, President of the United Automobile Workers, will announce that his union and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW)  have filed a formal complaint with the US Office of Government Ethics in Washington stating that Gov. Romney improperly hid a profit of $15.3 million to $115.0 million in Ann Romney’s so-called “blind” trust.

Apparently, the trust isn’t federally approved and ain’t blind. Moreover, the money made from profiteering off of Delphi got there because the people involved in this scam threatened to cut off essential supplies if Delphi didn’t get a fat payment from the GM bailout. Despite cries of “Extortion!” from the treasury, the payments were made.

In a nifty bit of insider trading, Ann Romney bought ¢67 shares, which shot up in value to more than $30, netting her family tens of millions of dollars. Then, to add insult to injury,

The Singer syndicate, once in control of Delphi, eliminated every single UAW job –25,000– and moved almost all auto parts production to Mexico and China where Delphi now employs 25,000 auto parts workers.

And people STILL want to vote for Mitt Romney. WHY, for the love of God? Well, according to Reason.com, it’s about being “friendly” to the market. So what Romney and his cohorts did at Delphi was completely acceptable.

Via +Pamela Zuppo

Wendy Cockcroft – Google+ – If Elected President, Could Romney Be Impeached? At a….

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Bailing out the Titanic with a teaspoon

Here are five things that cost taxpayers more than public media funding:

  1. The budget for military marching bands: $500 million a year
  2. The U.S. House of Representatives budget for office expenses, mail and personnel: $727 million a year
  3. Three Global Hawk Drones which Congress is pushing for even though the Defense Department hasn’t requested them: $633 million.
  4. The foreign tax credit that credits companies for any taxes they pay in other countries: $850 million a year
  5. Two days of the war in Afghanistan: $600 million.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting budget is about $445 million dollars. That’s less than $1.50 per person per year — or about one one-hundredth of one percent of the federal budget.

via Stand With Big Bird | Free Press.

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What Mitt Romney Doesn’t Get About Responsibility – Bloomberg

Which would you prefer to believe? That you’re not good enough, not smart enough and doggone it, people just don’t like you? Or that the incumbent Democrat has effectively bought off half the country with food stamps and free health care?

via What Mitt Romney Doesn’t Get About Responsibility – Bloomberg.

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Call centre brings in prison labour at £3/day, fires regular workers – Boing Boing

Again this is how US corporations will become competitive in the global labor market.

Oh, and who is it that pays for the incarceration of this cheap labor? The rest of us.

Call centre brings in prison labour at £3/day, fires regular workers – Boing Boing.

Here’s the kicker: there used to be such things as Debtors Prisons. Couldn’t pay your debts, you got locked up. (Because that won’t put you any further in debt.) They were abolished not that long ago.

They’re on their way back.

McCain thinks he deserves health care but you don’t

stop by and tell your representatives how you feel
clipped from www.americansunitedforchange.org

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Walmart’s raping of the disadvantaged continues

For those of you who haven’t seen the TV ads yet (which curiously show a nebulously interracial couple), Walmart is getting into the check cashing business.

Don’t have check cashing establishments around your home? You probably live in an area that’s doing OK. They’re a staple of neighborhoods that aren’t doing so well, financially, along with stores that sell liquor, menthol cigarettes and cheap comestibles barely deserving the term “food.”

If you have a check that’s made out to you, say, your paycheck, they’ll cash it–for a fee. Seems reasonable enough. Walmart offers a “discount” service of “only” $3 for a check up to $1000; $6 for checks up to $5000.

But why would you need to cash it? Why couldn’t you just deposit it into your bank account? Banks cash checks for free–assuming you’ve got cash in your account to cover it. Assuming you’ve got a bank account.

It’s yet another instance of being charged a fee for not having enough money.

Most banks expect a minimum deposit–they charge fees if you fall below the minimum. If those fees are higher than the $3/check, or up to $12/month (or more) Walmart is charging, then saving money means, well, not saving your money.

Not that saving your money is Walmart’s aim–the ad shows you all the things you can buy, like mp3 players and computers, presumingly from them, with the “up to $200 per year” you could “save.”

And who are these people, the ones who cannot afford to stockpile even one paycheck in a bank? I was one of them. Not for financial reasons, though–I didn’t have any ID–I couldn’t prove, to the satisfaction of a bank, who I was. Curiously, the rules at the check cashing stores were different. Mediocre, even questionable identification was sufficient to turn a check into cash, but insufficient for saving it in your own name.

These are also Walmart’s own employees, most of whom are part-time, at their management’s preference.

Assuming a biweekly paycheck at double minimum wage, full-time, after taxes you’re still likely to come in under the $1,000 check to meet the $3 price. To restate that, after two weeks of full-time work, you’re taking home less than $1000, which is a crime in itself. After 26 paychecks, throw in your tax refund check and you’re paying $85. If you work for Walmart, that’s paying your money back to your employer for the privilege of them paying you.

That’s assuming you don’t get an employee discount.

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You heard me, I called you an Asshole

You may have already heard about this poll. It’s making its way through the “liberal media.”

There is no doubt that  Daily Kos leans to the left. Leans, like a three-legged table with two of its legs removed.

Anyway, the poll was conducted by a third party, one that actually conducts research. It was asked of people who self-identify as Republicans. This is what they think.

It is Truly. Fucking. Scary.

Anyone who thinks Palin running for President in 2012 would be nothing more than comical farce, needs to realize that there are aparently enough lunatics out there to actually get her into office.

To wit:

QUESTION: Do you believe Sarah Palin is more qualified to be President than Barack Obama?

Yes: 53% No: 14%  Not Sure: 33%

Sarah said in her recent speech, “we need a commander-in-chief not a law professor.” Many, aparently, believe hockey mom to be sufficent qualification. A third aren’t convinced studying law is better.

QUESTION: Do you believe your state should secede from the United States?

Yes: 23% No: 58%   Not Sure: 19%

So almost a quarter of Republicans want to break away from the Union. Only half of them think it’s a bad idea. Who “hates America” again?

QUESTION: Should Congress make it easier for workers to form and join labor unions?

Yes: 7%  No: 68% Not Sure: 25%

It’s easier for me to believe that people will continue to vote against their own best interests, because those who would strip them of those interests tell them it’s a bad idea, than it is for me to believe that all Republicans (93%) are corporate stock holders, and less than one in ten of them actually labor for a living.

QUESTION: Should openly gay men and women be allowed to serve in the military?

Yes: 25% No: 55%  Not Sure: 19%

A slight, very slight margin of hope.

And then…

QUESTION: Should same sex couples be allowed to marry?

Yes: 7%  No: 77% Not Sure: 16%

Nothing new here.

QUESTION: Should gay couples receive any state or federal benefits?

Yes: 11%  No: 68% Not Sure: 21%

Like collecting pensions? Or being able to visit them in the hospital? Define “benefit.”

QUESTION: Should openly gay men and women be allowed to teach in public schools?

Yes: 8%  No: 73% Not Sure: 19%

Yeah, because only gay teachers have sex with their students… (You certainly wouldn’t want any of them teaching your kids it was OK.)

Here’s where it goes wonky:

QUESTION: Should public school students be taught that the book of Genesis in the Bible explains how God created the world?

Yes: 77% No: 15%  Not Sure: 8%

QUESTION: Should contraceptive use be outlawed?

Yes: 31% No: 56%  Not Sure: 13%

Not just locked up so teenagers will be too embarassed to ask for it—outlawed. When contraceptives are outlawed only outlaws won’t have unwanted pregnancies.

Clown car indeed

Clown car indeed

And for the ultimate hypocracy:

QUESTION: Do you consider abortion to be murder?

Yes: 76% No: 8%  Not Sure: 16%

QUESTION: Do you support the death penalty?

Yes: 91% No: 4%  Not Sure: 5%

I can’t add to that.

Oh, and in case you were wondering who’s “Not Sure:”

Not Sure

Not Sure

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You bailed out my mistake, I deserve a bonus for that

we (you, I, us, the taxpayers) gave the “too big to fail” banks our money so they wouldn’t collapse, collapse under their own weight from their own mistakes created by their own greed, and now that they’re solvent again, they’re rewarding themselves for the fuck up, instead of paying us back
clipped from open.salon.com
2009 closed with the stock market rebounding 61 percent from its March lows, and “Wall Street is ready to pat itself on the back for its huge gains with big bonuses,” potentially surpassing the record payouts of 2007.
Wall Street’s 2009 bonus pool could total $200 billion
the return to big bonuses will also allow Wall Street banks to claim billions in tax breaks:
Many American banks already pay minuscule federal income taxes,
the payout-related breaks will reduce their tax bills further
Altogether, the top three Wall Street banks — Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley — will gain nearly $20 billion in tax breaks based on their employee compensation this year.
Compensation related tax deductions will total about $80 billion across Wall Street,
In 2008, Goldman Sachs paid an effective tax rate of just 1 percent
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I won’t suffer, so you must

explain to me again why the entity you manage isn’t doing as well as it should, and I’m the one who has to take the income hit
clipped from open.salon.com
take to the streets and demand adequate funding for our children’s education instead of Wall Street bailouts and wars,
economic hard times are precisely when workers need – and are motivated – to fight hardest in order to avoid being victimized and forced to bear the entire burden.
workers in the private sector should demand that the company open its books and let the workers’ representatives determine for themselves how much the company is taking in, and where the money is going.
Public sector workers who are asked to “share the pain” should demand that the money used to bail out Wall Street bankers and bomb civilian women and children
be used instead to pay government workers decent wages to deliver public services.
strong enough to force the bosses to share the benefits of the post-World War II economic boom with US workers, raising their standard of living to the highest in the world.
The lessons of the militant labor union struggles of the prewar era must be relearned, and soon.
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Who says we need reform?

Wife’s premiums went up 55%, co-pays doubled, have 10% “co-insurance”, deductible doubled. Now paying $6k/yr for $8k max payout.

Luckily we’re not required to have ins. Wait, what? Well, at least we’ll have public health care. Oh, about that…

clipped from www.salon.com

Meet your new health insurance company overlords

we still end up with a system that’s based on private insurers that have no incentive whatsoever to control their costs
A system based on private insurers won’t control costs because private insurers barely compete against each other.
you’d think the insurance industry would be subject to the antitrust laws
the Senate bill still keeps Big Insurance safe from competition by preserving its privileged exemption from the antitrust laws.
From the start, opponents of the public option have wanted to portray it as big government preying upon the market, and private insurers as the embodiment of the market. But it’s just the reverse. Private insurers are exempt from competition.
Without some mechanism forcing private insurers to compete, we’re going to end up with a national healthcare system that’s controlled by a handful of very large corporations accountable neither to American voters nor to the market.
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