there is no SATA Clause…

New copy of Disk Warrior that can’t repair failing directory because of hardware error: $100

Testing by Apple technicians, who did the same Google search I did to assume it’s a failing drive, but ascertained it was not a bad logic board: free at store

Instructions on how to pry open “no user-serviceable parts inside” iMac: free online

New hard drive to replace drive reported as “failing” by hardware test: $85

SATA drive dock to replicate old drive to new, but still doesn’t work because new drive reports same bus error: $20

New SATA cable, which should have been the first thing checked/replaced but which turns out really isn’t the cause anyway: $4

New Mac, with the new OS and Intel chip that I really wanted/needed anyway, which is still cheaper that most other hardware fixes: about $1,000

Being able to field strip a “non-user serviceable” iMac blindfolded from taking it apart so many times and knowing more about error messages and SATA drive replacement than most technicians, instead of just buying a new machine and being done with it: two weeks of my life I won’t get back.


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