They’re not called, “Friendly, Snuggly Whales”

Just what part of “killer” in “killer whale” do people fail to grasp?

Yes, other cultures call them things like “orcas,” but someone at some point thought of calling them, not “spotted whales,” not “cow whales,” “Oreo whales” or even “penguin whales,” but saw sufficient reason to give them the name, “killer.”

I just heard that this is the third time this particular whale was involved in a human death.

Now, I would not advocate that any particular intelligent mammal’s life is more sacred than any other, nor would I necessarily mock the death of an intelligent mammal (or its trainer), but at some point you have to recognize the natural order of things.

Roy Horn and I both have cats in our homes. The difference is, I’m not terribly worried if mine is having a bad day. Something with sharp teeth doesn’t have to be much bigger than a cat for me to keep my distance. Bigger than me with sharp teeth? I’m staying over here.

Some people believe they’ve got a sacred book that gives them dominion over all life on this planet. Most of the other life on this planet hasn’t read that book–they’re watching YouTube clips of “When Animals Attack.”

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