I won’t suffer, so you must

explain to me again why the entity you manage isn’t doing as well as it should, and I’m the one who has to take the income hit
clipped from open.salon.com
take to the streets and demand adequate funding for our children’s education instead of Wall Street bailouts and wars,
economic hard times are precisely when workers need – and are motivated – to fight hardest in order to avoid being victimized and forced to bear the entire burden.
workers in the private sector should demand that the company open its books and let the workers’ representatives determine for themselves how much the company is taking in, and where the money is going.
Public sector workers who are asked to “share the pain” should demand that the money used to bail out Wall Street bankers and bomb civilian women and children
be used instead to pay government workers decent wages to deliver public services.
strong enough to force the bosses to share the benefits of the post-World War II economic boom with US workers, raising their standard of living to the highest in the world.
The lessons of the militant labor union struggles of the prewar era must be relearned, and soon.
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