If they win, YOU LOSE

Dear friend:

If the insurance companies win, you lose.

If reform passes without the choice of a public health insurance option, if insurers can keep denying care for pre-existing conditions, and if you can't afford health insurance, the insurance companies will keep making money while you will keep losing out. It's really that simple.

We must fight back.

Today, thousands of people across the country are taking the fight directly to the insurance companies. We'll be presenting the insurance companies with a list of demands: Stop denying our care and stop using our premiums to lobby against health reform.

Click below to fax your insurance company these demands. A copy will be sent to the Senate Finance Committee who are starting debate on the Baucus Bill today:


For years the insurance companies have expanded their total stranglehold over health care. They make record profits. The make life-and-death decisions. And they're spending millions of dollars on campaign contributions and lobbyists to defeat reform – over $770,000 per day!

That's your money they're spending to defeat health care reform and the choice of a public health insurance option.

You're a customer and a person with a voice, so you can fight back. Click below to fax your demands to the insurance industry and join thousands who are doing the same thing today:


Your message will get to your insurer, your Members of Congress, and Members of the Senate Finance Committee, who are starting to work on the Baucus Bill – a bill that gives the insurance industry everything it wants.

Thank you for fighting back against the insurance industry – the real enemy in this debate.

Let's clog up their fax machines! Click here:

With your help, we'll be the ones who will win.


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