Thought for the day: God is a woman

I know I’m going to get myself into trouble by saying this out loud, but here goes:

Walking through the subway today, as I do almost every day, I was subjected to, as I am almost every day, the perhaps clichéd sidewalk preachers and signpost-wearers, warning of eminent doom, and that I must repent and follow God if I was to be saved eternal torment.

This one in particular, fairly new to this particular tube connecting the bus terminal with Times Square, wearing his “Fear God” hoodie and carrying his small, hand-lettered sign (but don’t they all?), was again going on about the coming appocalypse (apparently the almighty has a timetable for withdrawal…). He says that Jesus is going to send all of us to eternal torment for not loving him. This got me thinking.

First, I never went to sunday school, but I’m pretty sure it’s not Jesus who’s going to be handing out the damnation red cards in the final days. (Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.)  Everything I’ve read or heard about Jesus suggests he was a pretty forgiving and accomodating guy. If he can forgive the people publicly flogging him, I think he’d be willing to overlook the occasional lustful thought about my neighbor’s wife.

It seems to me that the spirit of those sermons wasn’t, “follow me explicitiy or I’ll see to it you’re tormented for eternity,” so much as most of us are heading for a bad place, so grab your personal ethical floatation device so you don’t end up there. Not, “follow me or I’ll damn you,” but “I’ll help you if you do.” A subtle difference, yes, but an important one.

Then I started to wonder who it was (deific or otherwise) that would choose to see you tortured for all eternity for not loving them completely? My mind went back to some relationships I’ve had.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

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  1. Such a smart and insightful man.

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