Lonely teen? Kill yourself – it’s your only option, and it’s funny, says Pepsi

For everyone horrified by the new Pepsi ads, everyone who’s had a personal experience with suicide and is sickened by it, there’s some yahoo saying, “it’s just an ad, relax, it’s funny.”

Personally, I’m not so distraught by the idea, let alone graphical representation, of a cartoon blob killing itself, than I am by the belief that it’s a fait accompli that’s what you do when you’re lonely. Not a smart message for the product’s target demographic.

clipped from adage.com

Pepsi Opens a Vein of Controversy With New Suicide-Themed Ads

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From the comments:

People keep commenting how beautiful the Pepsi ad illustrations are, as if that mitigates the offense. It’s like saying, “she killed her boyfriend, but she’s gorgeous”.


– Michelle McCormack | Boston, MA

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  1. Wow! My friend killed himself yesterday… this is bull s***!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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