It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

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So, here I am finally getting around to joining the 21st Century. This is my official obligatory, “woo hoo! Lookit me! I are blogging!” post. I hate to make such ado about something most 13-yr-olds manage to do on an almost hourly basis – from their cell phones.

But then I don’t know many people my age who blog. A year or two younger than me and a blog is almost as ubiquitous as a cell phone. But not so much for anyone who started high school before Regan was president. (and if you just said, “who?” you likely just wrote “lol” after it on the Twitter feed on your Facebook page.) I do have some friends (one in particular) who’ve been blogging for some time – back before it was called “blogging.” Even before it was ‘blog (short for “weblog”). Back when HTML was simple enough to write yourself in a word processor.

These folk have always been on the upswing of things technological. They had computers when DOS was new. They had beepers when the only people who carried such things were drug dealers. (and I include doctors in that category) I, myself, can lay claim to programming on punch cards and attaching my first computer to the TV, but I’m just not a bleeding edge kind of guy.

I’ve been a bit of a hold-out on just about everything. I was the last of most of the people I know to get a mobile phone. Even the most Luddite of persons will ask, “what’s your cell number?” because it’s a given that you have one. My father doesn’t have Call-Waiting (doesn’t believe in it) and even he broke down and got a mobile phone. (and as soon as he figures how he’s going to text message those damned kids to get off his lawn.)

Ironically, as much as I like to pontificate, as much as I enjoy re-reading my own e-mails to people (my, that was certainly well-written), I’ve been humble enough to not assume that there’s anyone out there that would care to hear my opinion on anything. More to the point, though I really do think you should listen to my opinion, with 60-someodd%* of people on the internet clamoring for your attention (* a statistic pulled from my rectum), who’s to say that claim is any more valid than droves of sophomores with new iPhones?

So, to everyone who’s said to me, “here, put this on your blog,” or, “you have a blog, right?” or, “which RSS reader do you use to manage all the blogs you read?” – here, I have a blog now. Join me as I stumble about in the dark, trying (perhaps in vain) to become a writer of some merit.

More likely I’ll be eaten by a grue.

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